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❖ NEW:  Recording student spoken responses for later scoring! Additional information on the Training page.

❖ NEW: Keyboard entry of student open responses in writingAdditional information on the Training page.

❖ CELLA Connections available at no additional cost, provides teachers of ELs with targeted, research-based instructional activities, details on student skills deficits, and more. For further information, go here.

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AWSchoolTest provides teachers and administrators high-quality assessments and related tools that support high achievement for all students.

It is designed to support educators and instructional leaders interested in data-driven decision making based on solid evidence of student knowledge and skills.

All of the assessment tools on this site were designed to provide educators not only with data on students' overall performance, but also data that can be used to focus instruction on individual student needs.

The assessment experts, researchers and educators that have developed these tools are united by a common belief: that all students, regardless of background or ethnicity, can attain high levels achievement if provided high expectations, skilled teaching and adequate resources.

Assisting educators and administrators working every day to ensure these benefits for every child is our mission.

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