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About AWSchoolTestSM

AWSchoolTestSM is operated by AccountabilityWorks (AW). AW is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting states, districts, schools, and reform-minded organizations in implementing high quality assessments and other accountability systems. Founded in 2001, AW is committed to the notion that well-designed assessment and accountability systems are vital to raising student achievement and ensuring that all students receive the benefit of a high quality education. Poorly designed systems--even if well-intentioned--can result in unintended consequences that are self-defeating, unfair, or waste resources. AW will only support, design, and operate systems that benefit students.

AW believes that the most effective type of assessment or accountability system is self-imposed. Thus, AW provides assessments and other tools that allow educators, parents, and students to monitor their own progress and achieve success. Since its inception, AW has carried out a wide range of projects and acitivities in support of its goals.

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