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About AWSchoolTestSM

AWSchoolTestSM is operated by American Achievement Testing, Inc (AAT). AAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting states, districts, schools, educators, and reform-minded organizations in implementing high quality assessments and science and evidence-based curricula and instructional practices. AAT is committed to the notion that well-designed instructional supports and assessments are vital tools to raise student achievement and ensure that all students receive the benefit of a high quality education. Poorly designed instruction, assessment and accountability practices--even if well-intentioned--can result in unintended consequences that are self-defeating, unfair, or waste resources. AAT is committed to only designing, promoting and supporting approaches that benefit students. 

AAT provides assessments and other tools that allow educators and parents to monitor student progress, identify knowledge or skill needs, and assist students in achieving success. AAT carries out a wide range of projects and activities in support of its goals. AAT is led by its founder and CEO Theodor Rebarber.