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To assign a test, you must have a teacher or administrator account as well as students enrolled in your account. If your school is using AWSchoolTest (this site), your administrator must create a new teacher account. Once you have a teacher account, you can enroll students individually, or an administrator can enroll a large group of students at one time.

Comprehensive English Language Learners Assessment (CELLA)

CELLA Online (Form 3) is available as several single modality assessments—Listening/Speaking, or Reading, or Writing—or as a comprehensive assessment that includes all modalities. More information about CELLA can be found here.

                   CELLA Locator

              CELLA Single Modality Assessments (Form 3)


CELLA Comprehensive Assessments (Form 3)

Arithmetic Testing OnLine (ATOL℠)

                                                        Arithmetic Testing OnLine (ATOL)

Reading Measures OnLine (RMOL℠)


RMOL a teacher-friendly, research based way to screen and monitor students' essential reading skills using grade level passages drawn from classic literature as well as topics in history and science. Available for grades 1-8. Instant easy to use reports at the individual student, class, and school level.
Reading Measures OnLine (RMOL)